Find the Pickle - News & Updates

  • Find the Pickle: Forfeits Edition - Coming Soon to Kickstarter

    We heard your cries and a new Find the Pickle edition is forthcoming to Kickstarter! Find the Pickle: Forfeits Edition will be launching on Kickstarter in October 2021 so once again it is almost time to launch into the silliest game you can play about a pickle... View to continue reading
  • Find the Pickle T-Shirts Now Available

    The world of Find the Pickle is expanding with the introduction of official t-shirts that you can officially wear on your official body. That’s right it’s official!

    Take a gander below at some of the designs we have available, as modelled by some random dude's elbows. Click anywhere on the image to be taken to a page where you can buy these splendid examples of taking a silly idea far too far!.. View to continue reading