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  • An Officially Accredited 4 Day Week Employer

    As of today Team Custard Kraken is officially recognised as a 4 Day Week employer. The 4 Day Week movement aims to revolutionise the way we work by campaigning for a standard 4 day working week as opposed to the normal convention of 5 day weeks. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to relieve stress on work forces while also driving down the UK carbon footprint... View to continue reading
  • Board Senseless #001 / Tzolk'in the Mickey

    And now for something completely different. A brand new series of online comics taking inspiration from our favourite board and card games. Our first entry of Board Senseless sees the gang getting Tzolk’in to the table... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn - November 24th 2021

    Had a great board game night down at the barn in Westdene yesterday. Games that made it to the tables include: Dominion, For Sale, Wiz’N’Bang, Codenames, Ashes, Star Wars: Rebellion and Love Letter. So needless to say lots of amazing gaming moments were had... View to continue reading
  • Wiz'N'Bang BETA Ready and Into Final Testing

    After many moons our latest game Wiz’N’Bang is finally out of ALPHA and is now into the final BETA testing phase. We are very pleased with how the design and the game itself is shaping up. We still have a few tweaks that need doing before we take it anywhere near publication however things are looking very positive thus far. Expect to see a publicly available Print & Play version of Wiz’N’Bang appearing on the site within the next few months... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn - September 15th 2021

    Had a great board games evening last night over at the barn. Many games were brought to the tables including: Camel Up, Find the Pickle, The Crew, Parks, Tzolkin and we even got a few tester games in of our latest game in development Wiz ‘N’ Bang. Thank you to: Rich, Jack, Peter, Harriet and Ian for coming down. We look forward to seeing you all again for the next one on September 29th, usual time, usual place... View to continue reading
  • Adventures In Game Design - Dive Into Evil - Dev Diary 01

    So this week I’ve put into development a new board game that I hope to be the most ambitious game I’ve designed to date. Unlike Penguin Brawl, Find the Pickle, Wiz ‘N’ Bang or Farmatropic, this new game will actually include a board and thus can technically be called a “board game” unlike my previous games which definitely fell more into the “card game” category... View to continue reading
  • Dive Into Evil - Now In Development

    Dive Into Evil is a new dungeon dive board game now in development here at Team Custard Kraken. More info will come soon as the project progresses but in the meantime we thought we’d share some of the concept art with you... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Hall - September 6th 2021

    Had a great first session last night of Board Games @ The Hall: Coldean Gaming Group playing some great games. Charlie had an epic game of Rising Sun by CMON. I had a few games of Village Green by Osprey Games and rounded the off the night with a quick game of Longboat by Wight Hart Games. Fun was had by all and we can't wait for the next one on September 20th... View to continue reading
  • Adventures In 3D Printing - Journal Entry 01

    So we’ve just got our first 3D printing setup and thought we’d share some of our first prints for anyone interested in that sort of thing. Currently we’re using an Elegoo Mars 2 Resin Printer as well as a Mercury Wash & Cure Unit to make our prints sparkle. Expect some interesting things from us over the next few years as now we have the ability to 3D print, we also have the ability to create our own miniatures so very exciting times indeed!.. View to continue reading

  • Board Games @ The Barn - August 25th 2021

    So we had our first Board Games @ The Barn by Team Custard Kraken session last night at Westdene and had a couple of people turn up which was great to see. Myself and Charlie got to play Dune: Imperium with Richard Smith and Jack Swales, a sharp deck-builder that I’d definitely be up for playing more of. Being the fool I am I didn’t get any photos of us playing it, so you’ll just have to believe me that we did... View to continue reading
  • Wiz 'N'Bang - Sketch to Colours Comparison

    Heres a little taster of what we're working on. Wiz 'N' Bang is hard into development here at TCK and is currently scheduled for Kickstarter release in May 2022. As you can see from this side-by-side comparison of the base piece in Wiz 'N' Bang the artwork is turning out amazingly well. We're very excited to share more with you on the run up to the official launch... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn: Westdene Gaming Group in Brighton

    Board Games @ The Barn is a not-for-profit fortnightly gaming session hosted by Anthony Harris & Charlie Campbell of Team Custard Kraken held at the Westdene Barn & Green in Brighton... View to continue reading