Adventures In 3D Printing - Journal Entry 02 - Celestial Angel Warrior

So since my last post on 3D printing I have dived deep into the industry / hobby and have found myself becoming obsessed with perfecting the process behind this wonderful technology. In the past two weeks I have powered my way through somewhere in the region of 5kg worth of resin with a single machine and can quite comfortably say I am getting the hang of it.

To fully emerse myself within the thralls of the 3D printing world I have even started producing some miniatures for the Team Custard Kraken store under the subheading of The Krakens Forge. I hope to develop my craft in 3D printing and in order to help me do that have partnered with 3D modellers Lord of the Print in order to produce their fantastic range of minis.

Over the next few weeks I will be processing and test printing all of Lord of the Prints creations and slowly but surely getting them up on site for all you lovely people to take a gander at and perchance to purchase a few. We’ve decided to go for a simple structure with regards to minis. We’ll be producing all our minis in sizes: Small (25mm Base), Medium (50mm Base), Large (75 mm Base) and Epic (100mm Base). Of course not all will be available in the whole range of sizes, but we’ll certainly get as many as we can to fill out the range.

As an example of what we’re able to produce our first miniature Celestial Angel Warrior has been test printed in triplicate and I’m very pleased to say is now available for purchase at Available in Small (2.5mm Base) £9.95. Medium (50mm Base) £19.95 and Large (75mm Base) 29.95. All with free UK shipping.

That’s it for this update, I’ll be back soon with more as and when I’ve processed out some more epic miniatures.

Stay fantastiq


P.S.Below are the three different sizes we can currently produce for the Celestial Angel Warrior, ranging from small to large.

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