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Board Games @ The Barn - August 25th 2021

So we had our first Board Games @ The Barn by Team Custard Kraken session last night at Westdene and had a couple of people turn up which was great to see. Myself and Charlie got to play Dune: Imperium with Richard Smith and Jack Swales, a sharp deck-builder that I’d definitely be up for playing more of. Being the fool I am I didn’t get any photos of us playing it, so you’ll just have to believe me that we did. 

I did however get some photos of our game and snack table sitting comfortably over in the corner ready to entice any of you along for next time.
On the note of next time we have decided to move Board Games @ The Barn to a fortnightly schedule to give you all more chances to get some casual gaming in. This is not 100% official yet as I’m still waiting to hear back from the owners of the barn but current prospects look good. I’ll update you all as soon as it’s made official to announce the next BG@TB which is currently set to happen on 15/Sep.
And more great news, we are also planning on opening a second venue for TCK hosted board game evenings. We are currently in talks with St Mary Madeleines Church Hall in Coldean to take a Monday evening on a fortnightly bases. So assuming The Barn agrees to fortnightly this would mean one TCK hosted board game night will be happening each week somewhere in Brighton. Now I may be speaking just for myself here but I think that’s pretty cool and I’m excited for some weekly gaming sessions! 

That’s everything for this update, thank you to those who come along last night and look forward to seeing you all at the next board game night, be that at The Barn or The Coldean Hall.

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