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Team Custard Kraken Blog

  • Board Games @ The Barn - November 24th 2021

    Had a great board game night down at the barn in Westdene yesterday. Games that made it to the tables include: Dominion, For Sale, Wiz’N’Bang, Codenames, Ashes, Star Wars: Rebellion and Love Letter. So needless to say lots of amazing gaming moments were had... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn - September 15th 2021

    Had a great board games evening last night over at the barn. Many games were brought to the tables including: Camel Up, Find the Pickle, The Crew, Parks, Tzolkin and we even got a few tester games in of our latest game in development Wiz ‘N’ Bang. Thank you to: Rich, Jack, Peter, Harriet and Ian for coming down. We look forward to seeing you all again for the next one on September 29th, usual time, usual place... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Hall - September 6th 2021

    Had a great first session last night of Board Games @ The Hall: Coldean Gaming Group playing some great games. Charlie had an epic game of Rising Sun by CMON. I had a few games of Village Green by Osprey Games and rounded the off the night with a quick game of Longboat by Wight Hart Games. Fun was had by all and we can't wait for the next one on September 20th... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn - August 25th 2021

    So we had our first Board Games @ The Barn by Team Custard Kraken session last night at Westdene and had a couple of people turn up which was great to see. Myself and Charlie got to play Dune: Imperium with Richard Smith and Jack Swales, a sharp deck-builder that I’d definitely be up for playing more of. Being the fool I am I didn’t get any photos of us playing it, so you’ll just have to believe me that we did... View to continue reading
  • Board Games @ The Barn: Westdene Gaming Group in Brighton

    Board Games @ The Barn is a not-for-profit fortnightly gaming session hosted by Anthony Harris & Charlie Campbell of Team Custard Kraken held at the Westdene Barn & Green in Brighton... View to continue reading