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Team Custard Kraken Blog

  • Wiz'N'Bang BETA Ready and Into Final Testing

    After many moons our latest game Wiz’N’Bang is finally out of ALPHA and is now into the final BETA testing phase. We are very pleased with how the design and the game itself is shaping up. We still have a few tweaks that need doing before we take it anywhere near publication however things are looking very positive thus far. Expect to see a publicly available Print & Play version of Wiz’N’Bang appearing on the site within the next few months... View to continue reading
  • Wiz 'N'Bang - Sketch to Colours Comparison

    Heres a little taster of what we're working on. Wiz 'N' Bang is hard into development here at TCK and is currently scheduled for Kickstarter release in May 2022. As you can see from this side-by-side comparison of the base piece in Wiz 'N' Bang the artwork is turning out amazingly well. We're very excited to share more with you on the run up to the official launch... View to continue reading
  • Wiz‘N’Bang Gonk Plush

    Wiz ‘N’ Bang is a new game we have in development that is all about a bunch of grumpy wizards trying to build their towers on the perfect hill. After we created the wizard gonk characters for the game my wife was inspired to create a plush version of the red wizard and we loved it so much that we can’t help but share it... View to continue reading
  • Wiz'N'Bang - First Official Prototype

    The first official prototype of Wiz‘N’Bang is out of the gate for the first time and we're very pleased to say it went REALLY well. Couple of tweaks here and there are needed but we are excited to put this one into development... View to continue reading