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Attention all board game designers!



Have you designed a card-based game that you want to see brought to the table, but don’t have the foggiest idea how to get it there? Well, here at Team Custard Kraken we want to bring your ideas to life. We are now taking submissions for previously unpublished card and board games from UK-based game designers that have been well tested and are ready to go to the next stage of development. Your game doesn’t require any art or other assets as we’ll take care of all that. We only ask that your game is:
    • Well thought out and has been rigorously tested by you to ensure it plays well and is not completely broken in every which direction.
    • In a form that we can access and play for our initial testing, be this as a printable PDF, on TableTop Simulator or in a physical form that you can send to us. Your prototype should come with a rules sheet as we should be able to understand and play your game without you needing to talk us through it. If we can’t learn it without you there then unfortunately; either it’s a bad game or you need to work more on your rules sheet.
    • Entirely your own creation and not plagiarising others' ideas. Taking inspiration from the games you love is fine but outright copying is not.
    • Something you believe in! You can’t expect us to care enough about your game to go through the extensive process of bringing it to market if you yourself don’t believe in it. Believe in your game and we will too!

      For our published designers we offer a very competitive royalty share of 10% on revenue made from your game at both wholesale and retail. You will also receive 10 copies upon official release and the opportunity to buy more at a very generous 70% off RRP. Royalties are paid on a quarterly basis and we also pay an advance against royalties totalling 10% of RRP for the first 100 copies sold. In practical terms; for a game going to market at £20 RRP, that would equal a £200 advance on royalties payment made to you when we officially sign your game to Team Custard Kraken.


      Other benefits of publishing with Team Custard Kraken include:

      • We will handle the entire Kickstarter process from start to finish. All you have to do is tell all your friends and get excited for your game to reach its funding goal.
      • We will get your game into as many retail shops as we can, leveraging our network of distribution channels.
      • Your game will be available to purchase worldwide and depending on popularity and market placement may even be translated into other languages.
      • Your game will have a presence at all the UK’s biggest tabletop conventions in pride of place at the Team Custard Kraken stand.
      • We promise to have your game on Kickstarter within two years of signing with us, or the rights return to you and you are free to pursue other arrangements.
      • You will be able to focus on what you do best! Designing games, knowing we are doing all we can to get your game onto as many tables as possible.

      If everything above sounds great then we invite you to get in contact via the submission form below and we will get back you within 4 weeks with either; instructions on how to pitch your game to us, or a rejection letter and a reason why we rejected your submission. Alternatively you can join our Discord server by clicking this link and chat with us directly before you make your official submission. Please note, we do not take submission through Discord, we are only there to give you a convenient place to ask any questions or get involved with the Team Custard Kraken community.

      When submitting your game using the form below please include in the fields provided:

      • Your full name.
      • An email address.
      • The name of your company, project name or both.

      Within the “Your Message” field please include:

      • A brief synopsis of your game in 500 words or fewer. You should be able to sum up your game to a potential customer in 500 words or fewer while also making them excited to play it, treat us like that potential customer!
      • Where are you based? Currently we are only accepting submissions from UK-based game designers who can speak and write fluent English. While some games in the future may be translated into other languages, we initially publish all our games for English speaking customers, so if you want your game in French we suggest you contact a French publisher.
      • Which components does your game include, being as precise as you can. So we can get a rough idea of how much your game would cost to produce we need to know exactly what is intended to come in the box. If your game is at the correct time in its development to be contacting a publisher, this part should be easy. If you do not know exactly what is included with your game then you are not ready for a publisher.
      • Do you have an idea for the aesthetics of your game. For instance, do you see it as a comedy game that would require appropriate comedic art or is it more suited for realistic fantasy, or maybe sci-fi? The more you have an idea for the aesthetics the more we can have an idea for how your game may look post-production.


      If you are able to accomplish everything above then we look forward to hearing from you and testing out your masterpiece.

      Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to always stay fantastic.

      Signed, Anthony Harris (Owner, Lead Developer and Editor at Team Custard Kraken ltd.)


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