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Wiz'N'Bang BETA Ready and Into Final Testing

Good new everybody!

After many moons our latest game Wiz’N’Bang is finally out of ALPHA and is now into the final BETA testing phase. We are very pleased with how the design and the game itself is shaping up. We still have a few tweaks that need doing before we take it anywhere near publication however things are looking very positive thus far. Expect to see a publicly available Print & Play version of Wiz’N’Bang appearing on the site within the next few months.

We are currently preparing for Dragonmeet 2021 that is happening on December 4th at the Novotel Hotel in London. At time of writing this we fully intend to be showing and testing Wiz’N’Bang at Dragonmeet marking it’s first proper public appearance. The current plan is to prepare for a Kickstarter launch of May 31st 2022 however as with all things at the moment this is not a 100% certainty and we will be playing it by ear as to whether the project is ready for Kickstarter by this time.

Keep those peepers open for more into on Wiz’N’Bang either here on teamcustardkraken.com or over on our Facebook page at: facebook.com/teamcustardkraken. In the meantime however please enjoy a few images of the BETA version of Wiz’N’Bang below, and as always we thank you for taking the time to read this post and wish you a lovely day.

Stay fantastic
Ant & Charlie

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