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What can you expect from the Team Custard Kraken newsletter?

NEW GAMES! Whenever we have a new game ready to launch our email subscribers will be the first to know about it. Be this a Kickstarter or a retail release, a new game release is BIG news and we’ll be doing all we can to let our valuable supporters know. All our Kickstarter launches come with an “Early Bird” special price that is limited to the first few days or first x amount of pledges. By subscribing to our newsletter you’ll have the best chance of getting in early and grabbing the best deal possible on our newest releases.

OUR BIGGEST SALES! Throughout the year we have numerous sale events across the many platforms on which we sell. We do not alert our subscribers to every sale event as this would very quickly become too much, instead we only notify our supporters when we launch our BIGGEST sale events. We define our BIGGEST sale events as anything that offers a discount of 25% or more. Generally we only offer this kind of discount during our; Black Friday, New Years, Summer, Christmas and Week of the Kraken sales. So subscribe to our newsletter and be notified the moment our best prices go live and grab yourself a bargain.

BRAND NEW UPGRADES! We launch new game upgrades continually throughout the year and do not update our supporters of every new upgrade available. However, very occasionally, we produce something so nice that we can’t help but want to share it with the world, and to this end will let you all know of when and where you can get your own, and usually this will also include a “launch discount code” that is only available for our email subscribers.

THE ODD SURPRISE! Of course there may be the odd additional thing that we deem valuable enough to warrant sending out a message, so you may occasionally receive an email from us regarding something else. However for the most part we try our best to respect your privacy and patience and stick to the above format for our email marketing. Of course, you always have the option of unsubscribing to our email list by clicking the “unsubscribe” button that can be found at the bottom of all marketing emails sent by us, and rest assured, we will not hold a grudge if you do unsubscribe. :P

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