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Penguin Brawl - Rules FAQ

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Can you attack more than once with the same Penguin in a single turn?

  • Penguins can only attack once per their owners turn.

Can you defend with a Penguin that attacked in your turn?

  • Penguins can defend an unlimited amount of times assuming they can survive all the attacks. This is still true even if they have attacked during their owners turn.

Can multiple Penguins attack a player in the same turn?

  • You can attack a player with as many Penguins as you have in play assuming they have not attacked this turn, and also assuming your opponent has no defending Penguins. Basically, attack a player with 3 Penguins and remove 3 points.

If a Penguin receives fatal damage and discards a Weapon or Armour to avoid defeat does this Penguins health points reset?

  • When a Penguin loses it's Weapon or Armour it reverts back to the it's original value for any other instances of combat during that specific attack phase.