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  • Plays: 2-4 Players
  • Takes: 30-45 Minutes
  • For ages: 6+

Wiz’N’Bang is a card drafting, dice rolling and tower building game where players take on the role of a grumpy-old wizard attempting to construct the perfect tower on the perfect hill. The only problem; every other wizard trying to do the same.

Players take turns drawing cards, building their tower, playing spells and moving their wizard, all with the intention of building a tower seven cards high and getting their wizard to the top.

Make use of tower cards such as Cannons, Dragons, Portals, and more, to construct your tower one floor at a time in the most offensive or defensive way you please. And use spells such as Fireball, Counter, Deadeye, and more, to defend your tower against the nefarious machinations of your enemies.

Simple in concept but with amazing depth, Wiz’N’Bang brings together card drafting, tower building, dice rolling, meeple management, action distribution and spell casting into a delightfully small package that won’t break the bank or hog the table.